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We are a small breeder of Goldendoodle puppies. Our dogs live with us as part of the family. The puppies are played with until the day you take them to your home by our family and friends. They socialize with all the other dogs and puppies. You will get a very happy, very healthy puppy to enjoy as part of your family for many years. 

This is an actual message from one of our puppy buyers

I just saw your post for the goldendoodles and wanted to message you. Sorry i didn't contact you sooner. This is our little lady we got from you last year. Her name is Piper. About 2 months after we got her from you she alerted us to my then 2 year old who had started having a seizure and had stopped breathing. He ended up having to be intubated for a week but he survived and i don't think that would be the case without her. She is now a fully certified service dog for my son and I'm greatful everyday for her. I will never be able to thank you enough.

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